Motor Vehicle Accidents

For those unaware, government immunity is the doctrine that provides federal, state, and local governments with immunity against certain legal claims arising out of torts committed by a government employee, official, or agent. The doctrine comes from English law, which held that the crown could do no wrong. What this means today in Pennsylvania, in practical terms, is that in order to sue the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, your case must fall into one of several exceptions to government immunity.

One of the exceptions to government immunity is the motor vehicle exception, which seeks to hold the government responsible for motor vehicle accidents caused by government employees acting in the scope of their employment as a government employee. The motor vehicle exception to government immunity essentially waives immunity where the negligent act that caused the plaintiff’s injuries involves the movement and operation of the government owned or controlled vehicle or its parts.

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Unfortunately the number of people killed by motor vehicles while walking or riding their bicycles continues to go up.  This is despite the efforts by many states to implement laws regarding helmets. Of those killed, studies show that 65% of the bicyclists were not wearing helmets. While several states have helmet laws that relate to children, most states have no laws relating to adults wearing helmets.

In our own community here in Bucks County, Pennsylvania between 2008-2012 the total deaths of adults of children struck while riding  bicycles or as pedestrians, by motor vehicles was 51. This is about 1.6 persons to every 100,000 people who live in our area.  To us, here at Stark and Stark, any loss is too many and we therefore encourage people to be aware of your surroundings, wear a helmet and proper safety and reflective equipment.

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