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Tyler Tomlinson is a Shareholder and member of the Accident & Personal Injury Group of Stark & Stark. Mr. Tomlinson concentrates his practice in wrongful death cases and has recently handled several high profile cases in Pennsylvania.

In a study performed by the Center for Injury Research and Policy of The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, it was found that a high number of injuries happen to children when shopping carts are involved.

The study calculated between 1990 and 2011, about 66 children were treated in emergency rooms throughout the country every day following a shopping cart-related injury. That means a child is injured in an encounter with a shopping cart every 22 minutes.
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Kids say and do stupid things. But a daughter’s Facebook post may be the worst of all time. According to the Miami Herald, Patrick Snay, 69, was the headmaster at Gulliver Preparatory School in Miami for several years. In 2010, the school did not renew his contact. Snay sued his former employer for age discrimination and won a settlement of $80,000.
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“Slip and fall” cases actually come under the broader category of premises liability cases. These cases involve property that has some type of dangerous condition which is allowed to remain, and where the dangerous condition causes an injury. While many of these cases involve a slip and fall situation, not all do. Premises liability can also occur where improper security measures encourage you to become the victim of a crime, or where an injury is caused by the collapse of a structure due to improper construction or engineering.
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“The Apology Bill,” or “the Benevolent Gesture bill,” passed the House 200-0 on October 22, and was signed by Governor Corbett on October 23. This new law is the culmination of eight years of proposed legislation. It does not allow mere statements of an apology to be admissible at trial, but does allow statements that include an admission of negligence or fault.
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