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Carin A. O’Donnell is a Shareholder and member of Stark & Stark’s Accident & Personal Injury and Construction Injury Groups where she concentrates her practice in wrongful death and catastrophic injury litigation. Ms. O’Donnell is a trial attorney who has successfully litigated personal injury matters resulting in multiple verdicts exceeding a million dollars. Her extensive trial experience has helped her win cases for plaintiffs in counties that typically favor defense verdicts. As a result, her cases have been featured in local papers, radio shows and legal publications.

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act provides that certain injuries are eligible for specific loss awards. A specific loss in Workers’ Compensation is when you lose use of a specific body part. In that case, the Workers’ Compensation Act has predetermined a set amount of weeks that you are permitted to receive payment, based on the body part you lost.
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In a case I recently tried in Bucks County, the jury awarded a verdict to a woman who was repeatedly served alcohol for hours, even after the bar employees observed that she was already intoxicated. One bartender even served her after he was told she was “cut off” from any more alcohol. Thinking she still had the ability to drive, she got in her car and had a one-car accident, seriously injuring only herself.
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As an attorney who handles cases where people are seriously and sometimes fatally injured in accidents, all too often I see accidents caused by distracted driving. Many people do not know that distracted driving is more than texting or being on a phone while driving. It is any activity that takes your attention away from driving. It can include taking your mind off the task of driving, taking your hands off the steering wheel or your taking your eyes away from the road. It does not only occur amongst teens, but by people of all ages.
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Stark & Stark motorcycle lawyers love to ride motorcycles on the street, but there are many others out there who prefer recreational riding of ATVs and dirt bikes, or even motocross racing with dirt bikes or quads (a/k/a “4 wheelers”). Anytime you ride there is a known risk of injury or death. We always want to do what we can to minimize that risk. As motorcycle rider, a lawyer who sees catastrophic injuries from motorcycles and a mom who has a son who races motocross, I always stress the importance of safety equipment.
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To keep our clients and fellow motorcyclist safe, we want to remind everyone of the “T-CLOCS” inspection checklist. “T-CLOCS” stands for Tire, Controls, Lights, Oils, Chassis and Stands. These are all things you should inspect at a minimum before you ride your motorcycle. Regarding the tires (“T”), be sure to always check the tread and air pressure.
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