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A. Christopher Florio is a Shareholder and Chair of the Community Associations Group. Mr. Florio has substantial experience in the negotiation of loan transactions, collections, workouts, and real estate law, including foreclosures.

In late November, Pennsylvania House Bill 2172 became law. As a result of this new law, and effective January 22, 2011, the jurisdictional limit of Pennsylvania’s magisterial district courts was increased from $8,000 to $12,000 in civil cases. Also as a result of this new law, effective January 22, 2011, the Philadelphia’s Municipal Court jurisdictional limit was increased from $10,000 to $12,000. Interest and costs are not to be calculated when considering the jurisdictional limits.
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As a follow up to a recent post the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, on a concurring vote, approved House Bill 2295 yesterday (199-0). The House originally passed HB 2295 on June 11, 2008. After the House originally approved the Bill in June, it was then sent to the Senate. The Senate approved the Bill, but also added additional language to the Bill in conjunction with Senate Bill 963.
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On June 11, 2008 the Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed House Bill 2295, which would amend Section 3315 of Pennsylvania’s Uniform Condominium Act (The Act). HB 2295 will restore original language, which had been removed from The Act in 2004. In 2004 the amendment to The Act reduced the rights of an association to collect unpaid assessments after a judicial sale of unit, to only being able to collect unpaid assessments in cases ending in foreclosure.
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