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Recently, the Pennsylvania Senate passed House Bill 189, which amends the Pennsylvania Liquor Code to permit wine producers to ship wine directly to Commonwealth residents and reduces the special liquor order markup for licensees. Before wine-makers can start shipping their wine, they will need to obtain a direct wine shippers license, which must be renewed

The Pennsylvania Legislature recently enacted legislation which amends portions of the Mechanics’ Lien Law, 49 P.S. § 1101, et. seq. (“MLL”), and provides a statutory fix to the Kessler decision.

The Superior Court of Pennsylvania’s decision in Commerce Bank/Harrisburg, N.A. v. Kessler, issued in May 2012, caused a fundamental change in the industry’s understanding

In a 4-2 vote, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has ruled that law enforcement may perform warrantless searches of motor vehicles without the existence of exigent circumstances. Now, the only prerequisite for a warrantless vehicle search is the existence of probable cause to search. Previously, there had to be both probable cause and exigent circumstances in order for law enforcement to perform such a search. With this decision, the Court has removed the additional privacy protection against unreasonable searches and seizures previously afforded to Pennsylvanians and has aligned the Commonwealth’s law with current federal law.
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If you’re liquor licensee in Pennsylvania, you’re likely subject to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s (PLCB) Nuisance Bar Program (“NBP”). The NBP was established in 1990 and is run by the PLCB. The NBP provides a method for the PLCB to manage licensed establishments that may have “abused” their licensing privilege. The program’s objective is to help licensees avoid being labeled as a “nuisance bar” by changing their business practices and to close establishments that are determined to be a “nuisance.”
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