A. Christopher Florio, Shareholder and Co-Chair of Stark & Stark’s Community Associations group, presented a seminar entitled Legal Issues in Age Restricted Communities for the Community Associations Institute and Apartment Association of Greater Philadelphia’s Expo. The Expo was held Wednesday, April 29, 2009 at the Valley Forge Convention Center. Mr. Florio’s seminar discussed living in age restricted communities, and the legal issues that are peculiar to age restricted communities in Pennsylvania.

You can listen to Mr. Florio’s full presentation here. (28.8 MB)

You can view a copy of Mr. Florio’s seminar materials online here. (PDF)

An Owner’s Manual For Your Divorce is a 10 part podcast series presented by Stark & Stark’s Divorce group. The series is intended to assist you in understanding the general process of a divorce from the initial discussions with your spouse to the post divorce follow-up.

This first installment will focus on the initial discussions that should take place when considering a divorce, how to handle these discussions, and what to include in them. This podcast will address how to tell the children, the things you need to be aware of in respect to banking information, how to continue the payments of basic bills, how to address parenting time with your spouse, and several other issues. You can download a copy of the installment notes here. (PDF)

You can download the first installment here. (2.2 MB)

This podcast will discuss deemed approvals in zoning matters under Pennsylvania law. According to a study conducted by Warton, the Philadelphia region has some of the most stringent zoning regulations in the country. An understanding of the time frames in which local zoning and planning boards are required to act within is important for developers to understand. By using these time requirements effectively and being sure not to take any actions which can be viewed as a waiver of your rights, developers can at times obtain deemed approvals for projects.

You can download a copy of this podcast here.

Recently in McGrath Homes v. Upper Saucon Township, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania made an exception to the long accepted standard that where a preliminary plan meets the specific requirements of a subdivision and land development ordinance, but an outside agency’s approval is necessary for some aspect of the plan, final approval shall be conditioned upon obtaining the necessary approval.

This podcast will discuss the Court’s decision and what it means for developers whose projects require obtaining outside agency approvals.  You can download this podcast here.