McDonalds has recalled 29 million Happy Meal toy fitness trackers in the U.S. and Canada because of reported rash and burn injuries. The McDonalds “Step It” trackers included two versions of brightly colored, wearable tech: one that counts steps, and one that signals walking speed with flashes of light. These Step It “toys” are not high dollar adult wear and yet the injuries reported—rashes and burns—are eerily similar to injuries from Fitbits that the company was forced to recall in 2014. Just three weeks ago, another company, Basis, recalled its Peak tracker for causing burns and blisters.

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McNeil, a local Montgomery County  healthcare company which produced the medications infant tylenol, children’s tylenol and children’s motrin in its Fort Washington,PA location will have to pay 25 million dollars.  The company recently plead guilty because in 2009 when a consumer alert was issued,indicating there were black specs in the medicine,  the company failed to  initiate a corrective plan.  Consumers found what turned out to be nickel and chromium in the medication, which was not an intended ingredient. Upon investigation, the Food and Drug Administration found that there were more than 30 batches of children’s medication that had  nickel and chromium in them. The local Fort Washington company, which is a division of Johnson and Johnson, remains under a 2011 injunction and must  take corrective measures before it is permitted to reopen.

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According to an article published in The Legal Intelligencer on December 19, 2014, which was based on data compiled by PaLaw Magazine, verdicts and settlements in Pennsylvania are trending higher.  The average figure of the largest verdicts in 2014 was higher than in 2013.  According to the article, medical malpractice cases dominated the list of top verdicts and settlements in Pennsylvania for 2014, a trend that has been consistent since 1994.  The Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas and the federal U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, which sits in Philadelphia, led the way as the courts with the most cases that made the top verdicts and settlements list.

According to the article, the top three settlements involved qui tam actions.  Qui tam actions are essentially federal whistle blower claims, in which private citizens bring claims against a corporation or contractor that defrauded the government.  The individual brings the claim on behalf of the government.  The top three cases were United States v. Janssen Pharmaceuticals, which involved the prescription drugs Risperdal, Invega and Natrecor; United States v. Endo Pharmaceuticals, which involved the prescription drug Lidoderm; and Brown v. Amedisys, which involved false billings to Medicare.

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