The seventh installment will focus on master’s hearings, mediation and arbitration. Trials take a very long time to be scheduled, and are often times not completed in consecutive days and therefore usually require several days of testimony extended over several months. Trials are extremely expensive and almost always further polarize the parties. Family masters, mediations and arbitrations are a less expensive and time-saving alternative to traditional lengthy divorce litigation.
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The fifth installment will focus on pretrial motions and applications. The podcast will address the importance of pretrial proceedings and the most common types of pretrial motions which include: temporary child support, alimony arrangements, custody arrangements, allocation of bills and expenses, counsel fees or litigation expenses and insurance coverage. You can download a copy of the installment notes here. (PDF)
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Shared custody is an order awarding legal and/or physical custody of a child to the parents in such a way as to assure frequent and continuing contact between both parents and the child. In making a custody decision, the court does not presume that either parent is naturally a better parent. Instead, the court looks at all circumstances and decides on a particular arrangement that would be best for the child.
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The third installment will focus on the importance of gathering all of the necessary data and information before your divorce proceedings begin. This includes copies of documents shared between you and your spouse over the past three years such as tax returns, bank statements, mortgage records, insurance policies, retirement and savings account information and credit card statements.
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On June 22, 2009, Kate filed for divorce. We can assume she filed largely because Jon was (allegedly) having an affair with a 23 year old elementary school teacher. Jon apparently has traded the 23 year old in and upgraded for newer model – a 22 year old pampered daughter of a New York plastic surgeon. The very surgeon who performed Kate’s tummy-tuck. To add even more excitement to the mix, the 22 year old allegedly was arrested for Marijuana possession during her “girls-gone-wild” co-ed days. (which was just a few years ago)
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