If you have had construction work performed at your property, then you may have had the unfortunate experience of having a contractor or subcontractor file a mechanic’s lien against your real property. A mechanic’s lien can cause any number of problems when trying to sell your property – most notably, a cloud on your property’s title. It can also come as a shock to a property owner who was unaware that a subcontractor had not been paid in full.

Property owners in Pennsylvania can take action to have the claim removed from their property’s title before litigation is instituted and even after a contractor or subcontractor files a complaint to secure a judgment on the lien claim. A lien claim can be discharged by paying the amount of the lien into the Court, or posting a bond for double the amount of the lien. All is not lost if a complaint is filed. If you need to have a mechanic’s lien released after a complaint has been filed, you can still secure the lien in the same manner, but a complete release will require court intervention.