The day of your deposition is quickly approaching. You are ready, you have done your homework, you have talked with your attorney, and you have thought about how this accident has impacted your life. Tomorrow, you will finally get to tell your story.

Since you are so well prepared, there is not much for you to do at this point. The court reporting company will probably do a short test run with you to make sure you can access Zoom. The court reporter will be testing if you have a strong signal on your computer or phone. If there are any issues, they can address this today, before your deposition. This will only take a few minutes and your attorney will be online with you.

Luckily all of your preparation is paying off. However, there is no harm in reviewing your documents one last time. Be sure to get a good night’s sleep the night before your deposition. Remember to remain relaxed, tell the truth to the defense attorney, and everything will work out fine.