Your Zoom deposition is going to take place in one week. At this point, you should feel ready for it. You also know the number one thing you must make sure to do – be 100% honest.

Continue to go over the list of activities you can no longer do because of the accident. Make sure you complete this list with as much detail as possible. Also be sure to send the completed list to your attorney and discuss.

It may be a good idea to talk to others in order to help you remember things you may not be able to because of the accident. Essentially, talk to your family and friends to see if they remember times that you may have forgotten.

You also may want to review your medical records. In doing so, this will help refresh your memory. If there are any photos from the accident or your injuries, be sure to examine them before your deposition. You want to make sure your attorney has all of this information, if they don’t have it already

Finally, it is probably wise to check in with your attorney to make sure your deposition is going forward next week. A lot of times depositions are rescheduled or postponed because someone has a conflict.