A couple weeks before your Zoom deposition is scheduled to take place, you have probably already spoken to your attorney multiple times to prepare, and should be focusing on how you will explain to the defense attorney how this crash has impacted you and your family. As long as you tell the truth, everything will be fine.

The severity of your injuries and how big of an impact the accident made on someone’s livelihood helps determine the compensation received in a personal injury case. Your deposition is your chance to explain to the insurance company what your life was like before the crash compared to how it is now, after the crash.

What Exactly Are Your Injuries

During your deposition, you want to truthfully explain to the defense attorney exactly what your injuries were, and how long they lasted. For example, if you only hurt your back in the crash, this is the only injury you want to testify to. You will actually help your case out a lot if you are credible with your injuries. If you received injuries to both your neck and your back, you could state (if truthful): “Yes, I hurt my back and neck in the accident. My neck got better in a few weeks, but I am still getting treatment for my back, and the doctors are telling me I may need surgery.”

Medical Treatment

You will want to recall all of the medical appointments you have attended over the last several months, or even years, depending on the case. You will want to think about any medical tests you may have had to help understand your injuries. These types of tests may include x-rays, MRIs, and C-Scans.  What treatments have you had to receive as a result of the accident – Physical therapy? Chiropractic? Anything else? Have you had any surgeries, or have any doctors recommended that you have surgery?

Impact Upon Your Life

When preparing for your deposition, you will want to pay most attention to how the accident has impacted your life. What was your life like before, compared to how it is now?  Are there medical records your attorney and the defense attorney have that will present your quality of life comparing the before and after of the accident? It is your job to explain to the insurance company how this crash has directly impacted your life. What activities could you do before, that you can’t do now? There may be activities you can do after the crash, however pain can occur with certain movements. This is why it is important to be specific and provide as many details as possible. Ask yourself, when do you do these activities, and are you in pain when you complete them?

There is nothing wrong with making a list of activities and bringing it to the deposition. It’s always nice to write everything down so you don’t forget any important details on the day of your deposition. Some clients like to go into great detail in their lists and notes. Others like to just have categories, listing things like long walks, sleeping, gardening, sitting too long, or being unable to concentrate.

There is still time to gather all of the necessary information. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to your attorney. They are there to help you prepare as much as possible.