Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. Believe it or not, even during a pandemic, there are still people out there driving under the influence. Unfortunately, this weekend probably will be no different.

As always, law enforcement around the region and state will be trying to stop intoxicated drivers. There are checkpoints set up in some regions that will involve state and local police. This may involve increased patrols, with state police using marked and unmarked vehicles in order to arrest impaired drivers.

Pennsylvania State Police will conduct Selective Traffic Enforcement Against Drunk Drivers (STEADD) and together with Drug Recognition Experts, Troopers will focus on apprehending motorists operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In 2019, the Pennsylvania State Police investigated 755 traffic crashes during the Memorial Day holiday driving period. The crashes resulted in nine fatalities and 216 injuries. Alcohol was a factor in 65 of the crashes, including two fatal collisions. Hopefully, this year, the numbers will be significantly less than last year. If you or a loved one are hurt by a driver under the influence, please contact Stark & Stark so we can help hold them responsible.