The current pandemic has significantly altered how people work, shop, and communicate with each other. The majority of people who have been fortunate enough to keep their jobs are working from home, and doing most of their shopping teleconferencing and/or videoconferencing from their house or apartment. This creates security concerns for us, both personally and professionally.

If you are a healthcare worker, or in a profession where regulations and laws require you to keep certain information of your clients, patients, or customers confidential, then you are facing new challenges. Employers should ensure that protocols are in place to maintain continuity and mitigate security risks. Employees should follow their employers’ directives and use their best judgment when taking steps to preserve the security of their clientele’s information.

Consumers should make sure they are using verified websites and not providing any sensitive or financial information to unknown entities or individuals. Also, be on the lookout for scams or phishing. For example, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will not email you to initiate communication to request financial or personal information from you.

Unfortunately, there are bad actors taking advantage of the current crisis. Now is more important than ever to stay vigilant in all aspects of your life.