Bianca A. Roberto, member of the Business & Corporate and Beer & Spirits Groups, authored the article Raise a Glass: Pennsylvania’s Archaic Liquor Laws are Finally Changing, which was published in the Philadelphia Business Journal on October 27, 2015.

The article describes the impact that local brewers, distributors and retailers of beer have had on Pennsylvania’s economy in the last year. This impact has been both significant and positive, as the beer industry brought more than $9.2 billion into the Commonwealth in 2014. Even more positive, the industry employs nearly 41,000 people, and also helps generate jobs in similarly aligned industries like agriculture, finance, insurance and real estate.

Despite all this growth, Pennsylvania has extremely stringent liquor laws. Luckily, this does seem to be changing slowly, as “the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) declared that beer distributors are permitted to sell 12-packs of beer.” Previous to this, these Pennsylvania beer distributors had been limited to only selling beer by the case or keg, and 6-packs could only be sold in bars, supermarkets or convenience stores permitted to sell them, usually at a higher cost.

Ms. Roberto also added, “the Concord Township Board of Supervisors approved beer sales at the Wawa located at 721 Naamans Creek Road in Chadds Ford. If approved, customers will be able to purchase up to two 6-packs of beer at the Delaware County store.”

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