If you are anything like me, this warm weather has brought about spring cleaning.  For my family, this means cleaning out and organizing the garage. We put soccer, baseball and footballs in a bin, donated or threw things away and this year we decided to hang our bikes. We went to our local Home Depot and bought hooks.  Well, The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has recently recalled the exact hooks we bought.  It is the Husky Securelock® vertical bike hooks.  These hooks are used with a Husky Trackwall® garage storage system. This system is sold exclusively at Home Depot and was sold between April 2011 to March 2015. It has a 3” by 3.5” black metal plate that is gets mounted to the grooves in the Trackwall. The bike’s tires is attached to a hook that protrudes from the plate.

The firm, Waterloo Industries Inc from Iowa, has had at least 22 complaints about the Husky Securelock®.  These complaints have been that the bike hooks are falling from the Husky Trackwall® system. No injuries have been reported, but property damage to the bikes and vehicles nearby been reported.  If you would like further information you can contact Waterloo Industries at 800 833 8851 or contact Home Depot.