With the summer right around the corner, many people will be  flocking to the ocean, lakes and rivers. Here are five tips for boaters to help keep our waterways safe.

  1. Do not approach any military, cruise line or commercial shipping vessels. The Naval Vessel Protection Zone requires boaters not to approach within 100 yards and to slow minimum speed within 500 yards of any Naval Vessel.
  2. Observe and avoid all security zones and commercial port operations areas.
  3. Do not stop or anchor beneath bridges or overpasses.
  4. Report suspicious activities to marina security, local authorities and/or the Coast Guard.
  5. Do not drink alcohol and operate a boat.

Following these tips and adopting safe boating practices reduce demands on marina security, local authorities and/or the Coast Guard allowing them to focus on security and emergencies. If by any chance, you are in an unsafe situation, please make any and all attempts to keep yourself and the others around you safe. Injuries in waterways can be very serious, it is important that you follow all directions to protect yourself and others.