There are few among us who have not, through either direct experience, reading the paper or watching the eleven o’clock news, dealt with or heard about home improvement contractors who have done anything but improvement work. Whether a contractor takes deposit monies and runs (having never bothered to show up to do the work), does a substandard job, charges above and beyond a contracted price, or fails to honor a warranty for work performed, homeowners can be left unsure about what to do next. One frequent reason is that the “out of pocket” expense to a homeowner may be less than many attorneys consider worth filing suit over, even in small-claims court (Municipal Court in Philadelphia; Magisterial District Courts elsewhere in Pennsylvania).

However, Pennsylvania statute, including the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law, can be the basis for relief in excess of out of pocket costs (including treble damages and attorney’s fees) for home improvement contractor troubles. So before you “write off” going after that contractor because you think it isn’t worth an attorney’s time, please contact Stark & Stark. We may be able to assist in getting you back your out-of-pocket costs…and more besides.