In December, 2013 the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) proposed changes to allow all States to obtain results from adjudicated citations related to roadside inspection violation data collected in the MCMIS.   Much of this data is driven pursuant to the condition under the Code of Federal Regulations that States participate in the Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP) and States must establish programs that insure accurate and timely motor carrier safety data are reported so that appropriate violation data is part of the FMCSA data systems.   A large part of the focus with regard to this new program was dismissed citations.  There was significant commentary that even though citations were dismissed does not always mean that the violations did not occur at the time of the inspection and therefore dismissed citations should not be the sole basis for removing violations from inspection reports in the database.  Under the new reporting program, if citations associated with the violation under the Federal Motor Carrier Regulations is dismissed without a fine or Court costs or there is a not guilty finding then that violation will be removed from the database.  However, if there is a conviction of a lesser charge there will be a notation that there was a resultant conviction of a different charge so critical convictions are not masked or hid through the reporting of the data.  This will help avoid critical convictions even if for lesser charges from failing to appear being masked through the MCMIS program.  These are convictions that should be part of the available data.