The danger continues, but devices are helping avoid this danger.  More and more each year we hear about the horrific accidents which occur as a result of operators of passenger cars and commercial vehicles being distracted by use of cell phones, even the use of phones for texting while driving.  Although Smart phones have begun to incorporate software which can be put into “safe driving mode” and disallows an operator of a vehicle to text while driving.  These phones sense the motion, companies are working to provide products that will eliminate any ability to have drivers’ texting while the car is moving.   One company in particular out of Roanoke County, VA, a high tech start-up company known as Origo, launched a product in 2013 with the sole intent of preventing drivers, whether they be of passenger vehicles or commercial trucks, from picking up the phones to email or text.   The product known as Origo Safety is a design which creates an ignition interlock system which prevents texting while driving.  This device prevents a vehicle from starting unless a driver’s cell phone is placed in a dock which is mounted in the interior of the car.   Vehicle operators can then only use the phones via Bluetooth while driving and cannot perform any manual tasks on their phone.  

Over the past many years use of cell phones while driving has been estimated to be the cause of 28% of motor vehicle accidents in this country involve operators of vehicles using cell phones and texting.   (National Safety Council 2011).