If you have infants car seats, please be aware. Graco has recently recalled 1.9 infant car seats because buckles get clogged with food and drinks making it difficult to remove children.  Some parents reported having to cut the harness to get their children out.  The recall comes after a  5 month dispute between Graco and the National Highway Commission. In that dispute, Graco argued that in an emergency the seat could be removed rather than using the buckle  Graco was reluctant to recall the recent the infant seats because earlier this year it recalled 4. 2 toddler seats that also had harness buckle problems. Obviously Graco was unsuccessful as the recall was the largest in U.S. History.

As parents, it is important to check your seats, and check them often. Please be aware and keep your children safe. If you or a loved one are injured by any product, please contact Stark & Stark today.