On Saturday June 7, 2014 I spoke at a quarterly meeting of the Teamsters, Graphic Communications Unions in Philadelphia, PA. Members present were from DC-9/Graphics Communications Union 14-M President, Kurt Freeman and Graphics Communications Union 16-N, President, Joe Inemer. I spoke about difference between third party cases and Workers Compensation claims. I spent time educating the union leaders regarding how to protect their members when injured in a work related accident and the recoveries that could be obtained both under their workers’ compensation claim and the third party claims. It is important for unions to understand the difference between third party claims because each allows a worker to recover differently for their losses. Third party claims are  when someone other than the employer causes your accident, even though  the accident may occur at work. Workers’ compensation claims are when you are injured at work but the injury is not the fault of anyone else (third party). Joe Inemer commented, “Your presentation was very informative. When it concluded, we continued to discuss what a great presentation it was.”

As one of the few attorneys that represents Personal Injury that focus on death and catastrophic injuries and Workers’ Compensation cases, I grew up in a union family and understand the challenges workers face in the work place and when injured. If you or a loved one has been injured on the job, contact Stark & Stark today.