June is National Safety Month.  It is a great time to check your existing First-Aid Kit or to create a First-Aid Kit.  Generally, you should keep a First-Aid Kit in your home(s), car(s) or boat(s).  A First-Aid Kit is easy to make.  Here are the basic supplies needed:

·       Adhesive tape

·       Antibiotic ointment

·       Antiseptic or towelettes

·       Bandages and bandage strips in assorted sizes

·       Cotton balls and cotton tip swabs

·       Disposable latex free gloves

·       Duct tape

·       Gauze pads and roller gauze in various sizes

·       First-Aid Manual

·       Petroleum jelly or other lubricant

·       Soap or instant hand sanitizer

·       Sterile eye wash, such as saline solution

·       Thermometer

·       Triangular bandage

·       Turkey baster or other bulb suction device for flushing out wounds

Making a First-Aid Kit can help your family and friends respond effectively to common injuries and emergencies before medical professionals arrive.  Store these First-Aid Kits in easy to retrieve place but are out of the reach of children.  Remember- if the event is life-threatening-  call 9-1-1.  Always stay calm and follow with clear and concise communications.