As a member of the organization (End Distracted Driving) I lecture to students, groups and associations to raise awareness to the many ways drivers can be distracted.  Despite what people believe even talking on the phones with hands free devices or head sets distracts drivers.  Although some states have banned the use of all devices, others still permit hands free and allow cell phone use while driving.  Anticipating the change in laws and regulations to stop distracted driving, the internet company Google developed Google Glass. Google Glass is a tiny computer screen in the corner of an eyeglass frame.

Although google glass is still being tested, some states are already considering regulating its use while driving. In turn, Google has deployed lobbyist to persuade elected officials that regulation is not necessary. We will have to wait and see what legislatures in Pennsylvania do with Google Glass.

If you or your organization is interested in receiving a free presentation regarding ending distracted driving, please contact Stark & Stark. The presentation includes educating individuals on the many ways a driver can be distracted and ways to handle distracted driving situations with your peers.