A Facebook post cost one Florida family $80,000, according to a recent report by the Miami Herald.  An appellate court in Florida recently ruled that the confidentiality clause in a settlement was violated after the plaintiff’s daughter posted about it on Facebook.

The plaintiff had brought a wrongful termination lawsuit against a prep school where he used to work.  The parties agreed to a settlement which included a confidentiality clause.  However, the plaintiff told his daughter, a former student at the school, about the settlement.  The plaintiff’s daughter then posted about the settlement on Facebook, leading the court to find that the confidentiality clause had been breached.  As a result, the appellate court found that the defendant school did not have to pay $80,000 of the settlement to the plaintiff!

Although the plaintiff may still have the option of appealing this decision, it should serve as a warning to all.  Be careful if your settlement contains a confidentiality clause!  Be careful about what you post on Facebook or other social media sites.  Most importantly, talk to your lawyer and make sure that you understand the terms of any settlement agreement, and that you abide by those terms.