Soon school will be over and football season will be starting.  Kids will be asking their parents to play on a local football team. While the initial reaction is to encourage your kids to play sports, when it comes to football there is a reservation, the risk of your child receiving a concussion.

The risk of concussion has been more recently brought to light by lawsuits filed by ex players alleging the NFL and NCAA concealed medical evidence that repeat concussions can result in long term brain injury. As a result, the Journal of Neurosurgery did a study measuring the impact for two models of Riddell helmets, the Revolution helmet and the VSR helmet.  Studies showed the Revolution helmet had a 53.9 percent reduced concussion risk compared to the VSR helmet.

 While no helmet can completely reduce the risk of concussions and no sport is completely immune from kids getting concussions, there are measures that can be put in place to prevent them. To protect your child, talk to the representative of your  sports organizations about the proper helmets or other equipment, use of concussion pads or headbands, and the proper training of coaches should a child have a concussion. 

If your child has sustained a concussion and was not given the proper equipment, or proper care afterwards, please contact Stark & Stark.