Sports stadiums and other event venues are there, predominantly, to hold events for the entertainment of their patrons.  Many of these venues hold various liquor licenses and permits for the sale of alcoholic beverages on the premises.  In order for a licensee, its servants, agents or employees to permit dancing, theatricals or floor shows of any sort, certain moving pictures, or moving pictures shown through machines operated by patrons by the deposit of coins, the licensee must obtain a special permit from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to provide such entertainment.  It is always prohibited for a licensee to permit any lewd, immoral or improper entertainment to be displayed in the licensed premises or in any place operated in connection therewith.  While certain licensees are excluded from the special permit requirements, no licensee is exempt from the prohibition against lewd, immoral or improper entertainment.  Licensees who permit such prohibited forms of entertainment to be displayed by performers in their venues are subject to steep fines and possible suspension or revocation of their license.

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