Many people are still trying to dig out of the snow and ice that seems to blanket all of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Unfortunately this results in sidewalks that are icy and difficult for pedestrians to navigate. There are, however, legal remedies for pedestrians injured as a result of a slip and fall on an icy or snow covered sidewalk. 

In Pennsylvania, both business owners and town residents have a duty to clear public areas, including sidewalks.  Liability rests on the property owner, and occasionally the municipalities, for failure to maintain the walkway in safe condition. 
It is the property owner’s obligation to remove the snow and ice as soon as possible after a storm and to apply the proper materials to improve traction. In fact, most municipalities have ordinances that require that this be done after a certain matter of time after a storm.
People who have had a fall in a public area should of course seek medical attention first. Many, however, do not realize that they may also have legal options available to them. Consider contacting a Pennsylvania slip and fall lawyer to learn more about whether or not you can seek damages from the property owner to help cover lost wages, medical bills and any other needs that may arise after an accident.