Commercial driver fatigue is always a primary issue in the transportation industry.  A new website was launched which offers a new approach to driver fatigue management.  The North American Fatigue Management Program (“NAFMP”) provides online assistance for the training of drivers and drivers’ families, the carriers and their management, and dispatchers.  This website provides beneficial info such as, direction on how to develop corporate policies to reduce driver fatigue, information on sleep disorders, necessary screening and mandated treatment, and guidance on trip planning and scheduling.   As part of a plaintiff’s discovery effort in litigation, it would be important to request any and all information that a commercial carrier can provide, with regard to its participation in the NAFMP. It is also important to secure electronic discovery, if necessary, to see what it is they have developed as far as policies and planning, and what is implemented and mandated by the management of the particular commercial carrier. 

This website was established by the American Transportation Research Institute and according to the ATRI; it was a “culmination of a decade of research development and testing of a comprehensive fatigue management program.”   Also partnering with ATRI was the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Transport Canada, Alberta Motor Transport Association, Alberta Occupational Health & Safety, Alberta Transportation and the Alberta Workers Compensation Board.   Online courses range from approximately 30 minutes to 1½ hours and have noted target audiences which include motor carriers executives, management, drivers and their families. The well designed website is user friendly and easily followed.   In addition to the courses, there is online testing available. Carriers and drivers can register as a user of this system free of charge and work through the site according to their own set corporate policies and schedule.