We often receive calls from people who have been injured in Pennsylvania cases involving a government defendant.  These may include auto accidents where the vehicle that caused the accident was owned by a government agency, or where negligent roadway design may have been a cause of the accident.  Other times, people slip and fall on property owned by the state or a local government agency.

Although the government and government officials cannot be sued in many instances because of a doctrine called “sovereign immunity”, there are several exceptions to the doctrine which do allow a lawsuit to be brought if certain conditions are met.  These exceptions are listed under Pennsylvania’s Sovereign Immunity Act and the Political Subdivision Tort Claims Act.

One important condition is that the government requires that you provide notice of the incident within six months of the date that it happened.  Otherwise, you may be barred from bringing the claim.  This is a different requirement than the statute of limitations which still applies to all cases.

If you have been injured in an accident and you believe that a government agency may be involved, contact our lawyers right away to discuss your rights.  For more information about the Pennsylvania Sovereign Immunity Act or the Political Subdivision Tort Claims Act, contact our Personal Injury Attorneys at Stark & Stark.