I see it happen all too often.  I sit down with a new client to discuss a recent motor vehicle accident.  Liability in the case is clear and the client has sustained a relatively serious injury.  Seems like I should be able to obtain a significant recovery for this client…until I take a look at the declarations page of their auto insurance policy.

The bottom line is that auto insurance is complicated there are many types and levels of coverage available.  When shopping for a policy most people do not have the time or desire to gain a full understanding of what they are purchasing.  They simply go into their agent’s office, sign a bunch of forms, and off they go.  Unfortunately it isn’t until after they are injured in an auto accident that an attorney informs them that the decisions they made in that agent’s office will either prevent them from being fully compensated for their injuries or worse yet, prevent them from recovering at all.

The decisions you make when you purchase auto insurance may prevent you from recovering damages for pain and suffering and/or severely limit your ability to recover damages in the unfortunate event that the driver responsible for causing your injuries was either uninsured or carrying a minimal amount of insurance.  This is why I highly recommend that you seek the advice of an experienced attorney before making these decisions.  You may very well find yourself surprised at the additional coverage available for very little cost.  If you are in the market for auto insurance or simply have questions or concerns regarding your current policy, please contact me at 267-907-9605 for a free consultation.