A bill that I previously blogged would eliminate the requirement that medical malpractice carriers and self-insurers must file annual medical malpractice reports with the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, has now been signed into law by Governor Corbett.   Previously, under the Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error (MCARE) Act, which was enacted in 2003, every year, each medical malpractice liability carrier and self-insured healthcare provider, was required submit a report to the state disclosing each and every medical malpractice claim submitted; whether money was paid on the claim and, if so, how much; and whether the claim was disposed of by way of settlement, court judgment or otherwise.  The new law, which was introduced by Sen. Mike Fulmer, eliminates this reporting requirement.  According to Senator Folmer=s office, industry experts have stated that the reports were not read nor used for any purpose.  As such, his office maintained, they amounted to bureaucratic paperwork.  The goal of the new law is to increase government efficiency.