Stark & Stark motorcycle lawyers love to ride motorcycles on the street, but there are many others out there who prefer recreational riding of ATVs and dirt bikes, or even motocross racing with dirt bikes or quads (a/k/a “4 wheelers”).  Anytime you ride there is a known risk of injury or death.  We always want to do what we can to minimize that risk.  As motorcycle rider, a lawyer who sees catastrophic injuries from motorcycles and a mom who has a son who races motocross,  I always stress the importance of safety equipment.

Safety equipment that is available to protect yourself and others when riding include: neck braces full face helmets, goggles, steel tip riding boots, hip pads, knee pads, mouth pieces and Tethers (a  cord connected to the engine that turns the engine off if the rider falls off or the cord is pulled out.)  This equipment should be worn not only when participating in motocross races, but also when riding dirt bikes, ATVs recreationally and even riding a motorcycle on the roadways.

In addition to the above, you always want to follow the manufacturer warnings and the law.  Some people are not aware, especially regarding ATVs, that there are riding laws.  In Pennsylvania for example, these laws include but are not limited to:

  • No ATV shall be operated without a lighted headlight and taillight from ½ hour after sunset to ½ hour before sunrise;
  • All ATVs must be titled and registered, with the owner receiving one numbered plate;
  • Registration is to be renewed once every two years;
  • No one under age 8 shall operate an ATV on state-owned land;
  • No one between 8 and 15 may operate an ATV unless on a parent’s land or in possession of a safety training certificate;
  • No one under 16 may cross a highway or operate an ATV on designated roads unless in possession of a safety certificate and with an adult 18 or older; and
  • ATV use on any street or highway is prohibited, except to cross and except for roads designated as ATV roads.

These laws are designed to keep you and others safe when you ride.  Stark & Stark wants everyone to be safe.   Should an accident occur, please feel free to contact us at 267-907-9600 in PA or 609-896-9060 in NJ.   Please ride safely.