When Pennsylvania drivers cross over the Delaware River and go into New Jersey, they should know that the penalties for using cellphones while driving are much significant.  New Jersey will soon pass a law that will dramatically increase the fines and penalties for texting while driving.  Motorist caught texting or making cellphone calls while driving will face stricter penalties under the new law.

The fine for first-time distracted-driving offenders would increase from a minimum of $100 to $200, and a maximum of $400.  Second-time offenders would face a fine of between $400 and $600.
For a third or subsequent offense, fines would range between $600 and $800, along with three motor vehicle penalty points.  Also, a court could order a driver’s license suspended for up to 90 days.
Distracted driving is such a problem that every angle you can attack it from will help.  There needs to be a culture shift so people understand how drastic the problem is.  
According to the New Jersey State Police’s Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash Report for 2011, 627 people in the state were killed as a result of fatal crashes that year.  Of that total, 119 killed were 29 years old or younger.  “Driver inattention” was listed as the contributing factor in most of these accidents.