To keep our clients and fellow motorcyclist safe, we want to remind everyone of the “T-CLOCS” inspection checklist.  “T-CLOCS” stands for Tire, Controls, Lights, Oils, Chassis and Stands. These are all things you should inspect at a minimum before you ride your motorcycle. Regarding the tires ("T"), be sure to always check the tread and air pressure. This will help you keep traction to the roadway surfaces.  On the controls ( “C”)  you want to look at the handlebars, levers, pedals cables, hoses and throttle. Things to look for, among other things include fraying, cuts or kinks in the cables or hoses.  Your handle bars should always be straight, turn freely and your grips should be secure.  Checking all of these allows your motorcycle to operate in the safest manner.

Oils (“O”) should be inspected next.  You want to not only make sure nothing is leaking but also make sure you have enough fluids including hydraulics, coolants and don’t forget the fuel! You do not want to find yourself without gas, sitting on the side of the road.   The Chassis ("C") is the next part of the inspection before you begin on your ride.   Things you want to look out for are the front forks, shocks and the swingarm bushing/ bearings. You want to make sure all have proper pressure for the smoothest ride possible. Finally you want to check the Stands (“S”).   You want to make sure there are not cracks and that the springs are in place. 

We at Stark and Stark hope you have are safe each time you ride your motorcycle.