Nineteen-year old Raina Ferraro, a college freshman from Rockland County, NY, was admitted to Phelps Memorial Hospital Center for a routine endoscopy in January.  She is now in a persistent vegetative state.  According to a medical malpractice lawsuit filed by her parents, Raina went into cardiac and respiratory arrest due to negligent anesthesia administration resulting in severe brain damage.  The parents say it took the hospital two weeks to discuss the matter with them and, when they did, the hospital was unable to explain what went wrong during Raina’s procedure.
Now, Raina’s parents are pushing lawmakers to create legislation that would require cameras in all operating rooms.  The purpose of the legislation, dubbed “Raina’s Law,” would be to document proof of medical malpractice and ensure families get answers to the question of “what went wrong?”  The parents want to make sure that what happened to Raina, does not happen to others.