Have you ever filed a pleading, motion or other legal document and had it sent back to you for a procedural error and you can’t quite figure out why?  More often than not, it’s because you didn’t follow a local, state or federal rule of court when you made your filing.  All too often pro se parties, and even attorneys, make the mistake of not referencing the procedural rules prior to filing an action or during the pendency of an action.  Not only could this be detrimental to your case, cause additional costs and unreasonable delay, but it could bar you from having your case heard at all.

Most of the counties in Pennsylvania have different rules for each type of filing, and those rules are different in civil, criminal and family court.  It is in your best interest to have an experienced attorney who knows these local rules, and knows how to use them to your advantage.  Avoid unnecessary costs and delay, and the very real risk of losing your opportunity to have your day in court, and consult with one of the experienced attorneys at Stark & Stark.

Bianca A. Roberto is an Associate in Stark & Stark’s Business & Corporate Group in its Yardley, PA office. For questions, or additional information, please contact Ms. Roberto.