Far too often, we hear news of a tragic bus accident that could have been avoided if proper care had been taken.  The recent bus accident involving students from Bristol, Pennsylvania on a charter bus trip to Boston, Massachusetts is a prime example.

Charter buses are controlled by both federal and state regulations.  However, accidents often occur when either the bus driver or the charter bus company violates these statutes, or due to other negligence.   Drivers who are not familiar with the planned route, distracted driving, driving while tired, or driving while under the influence are common causes of bus crashes.  A charter bus company’s failure to hire or train qualified drivers, or to properly maintain the bus may also play a role.  Improper or unsafe road design or maintenance may also be a factor in charter bus accidents.

Charter bus accidents may present a large number of significant injuries because there are so many passengers and the bus may not have seatbelts or other restraints which could reduce injuries.