Many people believe that if they are injured at work they must be treated with a company doctor. This is simply not true.  Treatment with the “company doctor” is governed by Section 306(F)(1)(I) of the Workers’ Compensation Act.  The law allows employers to establish a list of medical providers under certain criteria.  If the list is properly prepared and proper written notification is given to you then and only then do you need to treat with a “company doctor”.
What is proper written notification?  The Workers’ Compensation Act requires the Employer “to provide a clearly written notification” of your rights and duties and to obtain a written acknowledgment.  Verbal notice alone is inadequate.
The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation has developed for Employers a form to use containing the legally required notification.  If a proper written notice is not provided, you are not required to treat with a “company doctor”.   If your Employer does not have you sign a document indicating that they have provided to you the legally required notification, you are not required to treat with a “company doctor”.   Written notification, if provided, should be provided at the time you are hired and immediately after a work injury or as soon as possible under the circumstances of the injury.
You do not have to treat with a “company doctor” unless your Employer complies with the law.  Know your rights.