Incidents in which a pedestrian is hit by a motor vehicle usually have catastrophic or fatal consequences. Both pedestrians and motorists have certain duties and responsibilities to each other. The duties and responsibility of each party differ based where the incident occurs.

We are all familiar with designated crosswalks; however, most of us are unclear on our responsibilities as drivers and pedestrians. The next time you find yourself at a crosswalk, consider the following:

  • Pedestrians technically have the right-of-way;
  • Pedestrians have a duty to use due care under the circumstances;
  • Pedestrians cannot cross if they know or can anticipate a danger from a motor vehicle;
  • Pedestrians have a duty to make reasonable observation of traffic conditions;
  • Pedestrians have a right to expert that motorists will obey traffic rules and regulations;
  • Motorists must yield to pedestrians who have the right-of-way;
  • Motorists have the same duty of due care under the circumstances;
  • Motorists must obey traffic signals at crosswalk areas;
  • Motorists must exercise reasonable care when operating their vehicle;
  • In the crosswalk, the motorist must be highly vigilant, anticipate the presence of pedestrians and maintain control of the vehicle so he/she can stop on the shortest possible notice
You need to be aware of your duties and responsibilities as a pedestrian and as a motorist in order to ensure the safety of all parties.