Recently there have been several reported cases involving serious infections following liposuction cosmetic surgery. The reported bacteria was Group A streptococcus (GAS), a bacteria commonly found on the skin or throat. Cases have been reported in Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Although lawsuits following infection are difficult to prove, under certain circumstances, these law suits may be successful. To be successful in this type of litigation, the injured party must prove that the facility where the procedure was  performed, deviated from standard infection control procedures.

A medical facility cannot keep all bacteria out of their facility but they are required by law to initiate policies and procedures to minimize if not eliminate the spread of dangerous and potentially deadly bacteria which cause infection.

The Department of Heath in all the above states are jointly investigating the cause of the spread of bacteria in these reported cases.  If you or someone you know has developed an infection following liposuction or some other cosmetic surgery, you should contact an attorney to discuss the potential legal claim.

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