Our region has the dubious distinction of having three of the top fifteen most accident-prone cities in America, according to a recent report from car insurer, Allstate.

Allstate analyzed its claim data to determine how accident-prone drivers are in each of the 200 largest U.S. cities. According to the results, drivers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are the tenth most accident-prone, with an average time between car accidents of 6.1 years.  Newark, New Jersey is the twelfth most accident-prone (6.3 years between accidents) and Jersey City, New Jersey is the fifteenth most accident-prone (6.5 years between accidents).  These results are actually improvements from the previous year’s report, when those cities ranked in sixth, fourth, and eighth place, respectively.

According to this year’s report, Sioux Falls, South Dakota is the safest city, where drivers average 13.8 years between collisions.