The American Trucking Association has come forth as a supporter of the Federal Mandate requiring electronic login onboard recorders (“EOBR”) to monitor hours of service compliance for all drivers.  The ATA believes that these devices will promote further compliance with the National Work/Driving Rules for commercial vehicle operators and will hopefully lead to fewer accidents by reducing operation of these vehicles by fatigued individuals.  This is also part of the new Federal Highway Bill that made its way into law on July 6, 2012 with Congress adding the provision for onboard recording devices.   In addition, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters supported this law which had bipartisan support.  It is reported that this is the first time that so many diverse organizations representing consumer, health and safety advocates, professional truck drivers and motor carriers in essence came together to support truck safety issues proposed in by the Federal Legislature.   
Despite this step forward for safety on our highways, an amendment to block the EOBR mandate was introduced.  The Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association praised the amendment by asserting that “EOBRs are the last thing a struggling trucking industry needs right now.”    
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