• You purchase a new automobile;
  • The car has installed in it an Event Data Recorder (EDR);
  • The sales representative never tells you about this device;
  • An EDR records the vehicle’s dynamic, time-series data during the time period just prior to or during a crash event;
  • You are involved in an accident;
  • Who can access the EDR data?
  • Many drivers are unaware that EDR, also known as black boxes, are in their cars;
  • Proposed laws may required EDR in all new vehicles;
  • EDR can record 15 discrete variables in the seconds before a crash;
  • Proposed laws struggle with who has a right to access this information;
  • Do you have a right to deny access to the information on your EDR;
  • Can you get information from an EDR in a vehicle that hits your vehicle;
  • Issues on EDR data and privacy issues are complicated.
  • EDR and their use can have significant impacts on your rights.