Under Pennsylvania law, a lawsuit may be brought against a corporation in and only in:

  1. the county where its registered office or principal place of business is located;
  2. a county where it regularly conducts business;
  3. the county where the cause of the action arose;
  4. a county where the transaction or occurrence took place out of which the cause of action arose.

In many situations, lawsuits are brought against corporations in Philadelphia County for a variety reasons, including the exemplary case management system, mass tort program, the Commerce Court and the higher jury verdicts. Oftentimes, there are  disputes on whether the lawsuit against the corporation should be brought in Philadelphia County.

Generally, the dispute is whether or not a corporation “regularly conducts business” in Philadelphia County.  Pennsylvania Courts apply a “quality and quantity” test of business contacts.  The Court will look at evidence as to whether the  corporation serves the citizens of that particular county, whether the corporation advertises in that particular county, and whether that corporation engages in actions in that particular county which are in furtherance and essential to corporate objectives.

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