Distracted driving is more than just using the cell phone or texting while driving. It is any action that impacts the driver’s visual, physical, cognitive or auditory ability when driving. This can include anything from eating and drinking, putting on makeup, talking to your kids or playing with the controls.

As a result of the increase in technology, such as phones, navigation systems and advanced controls in cars, distracted driving, especially among teens, has skyrocketed. Teen drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 are involved in fatal crashes at a rate of four times more than adults. That is because one in four teens say that they have texted while driving and half of all teens say they have been passengers in a car while the driver is texting behind the wheel. 

In an effort to raise awareness of the effects of distracted driving and to prevent needless accidents, I am presenting a free program to local schools, communities and organizations. I’m a member of End DD (End Distracted Driving) which is a national program focused on ending distracted driving. We hope that everyone can make a commitment not to be distracted while driving.

If you would like to help prevent accidents and raise awareness of the effects of distracted driving, please contact me to arrange your free presentation.