You are driving your car when suddenly another driver turns right in front of your vehicle causing an accident. When you insured your car, you selected the limited tort option. You also purchased $50,000 of underinsured motorist coverage.

The driver causing the accident was from New York and had insurance coverage for liability of $25,000. You are injured and receive months of treatment. Although you still have some complaints, your doctors will not say you have a permanent injury.

Because you are involved in an accident with an out of state driver, you are deemed to have full tort. You have a claim for any and all injuries even though you selected limited tort and your doctors have not indicated you have a permanent injury. You have a claim for injury against the person causing the accident who has $25,000.00 of liability coverage. You have coverage for injury under your policy of insurance for $50,000.00 (underinsured motorist benefits).

The Bottom Line
There is $75,000 of insurance coverage available to compensate you for your injury. Always get information about the other driver and the vehicle at the accident scene. If you have any questions about your legal rights, contact us at Stark & Stark.