Effective January 30, 2012 and no later than January 30, 2014, all holders of commercial driver licenses have to report their information to their State license issuing authority and specifically note the type of commercial vehicles they operate or expect to drive.

Commercial drivers operating in specific types of commerce will be required to submit a current Medical Examiner Certificate to the State Authority in order to obtain a “Certified Medical Status” as part of their driving record. Drivers who are required to have the certified medical status and fail to provide and keep up to date their examiner’s certificate with their State Authority will be deemed uncertified and they could lose their commercial driver license.

Under Pennsylvania procedures, if a commercial driver fails to keep his or her certificate current there could be immediate revocation of the commercial designation on the driver’s license, and in order to re-certify, commercial drivers will be required to apply for a learner’s permit and then complete all of the required knowledge and skills testing as well as other training if applicable.

This is a favorable change for those who are seeking information about commercial motor vehicle operators who potentially were operating without appropriate medical certification.  Previously, there were many states that did not maintain copies of the Medical Certifications and could not state one way or another whether a driver was appropriately certified physically.

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