Many people are under the misconception that you have to be retired to receive Medicare benefits.  THIS IS NOT TRUE!  If you are 65 years old, whether you are working or retired, you can receive Medicare benefits.  If you are 65 and still working and have health insurance through your employment, you may wish to continue to receive your medical benefits through your employer’s policy, and use your Medicare benefits as a secondary payer. If you are 65 and working, but have no health insurance, you can continue to work and still receive all the Medicare benefits to which you are entitled.

You can apply for Medicare on line, through the social security website,, or you can call your local Social Security office for an appointment to apply for Medicare.  You should apply approximately 4 months before your 65th birthday.

If you are already receiving Social Security Retirement benefits at the time of your 65th birthday, you need not apply for Medicare.  You will be automatically enrolled in Medicare when you turn 65.

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