Too many times we see young clients that have been injured as a result of dog bites that are easily preventable. Studies show that over 4.7 million people per year are injured by dog bites and over 60% of these victims are children.
The first line of defense against dog bites needs to come from the owners of the dogs themselves.  Keeping your dog healthy and up-to-date on vaccinations can help prevent aggressive behavior.  It is also important to know your dog’s behavioral tendencies. If your dog starts acting strangely, it may be the sign of illness or infection. Having your pet neutered or spayed will make them less likely to act aggressively. Finally, properly training your animal and obeying your community’s leash laws will help keep your pet under control.

Parents also need to make an effort to teach their children how to avoid dog bites. First, parents should avoid leaving babies or small children alone in the presence of an animal. Teach your children at a young age to respect dogs because any dog will bite if treated improperly. Children should know not to pull on a dog’s ears or tail or to approach it in a threatening manner. Children should also be taught to ask the owner of a dog for permission before petting it.  Some dogs do not respond well to being pet by strangers.